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Natasha Schoonbroodt


Born in Canada, 1981

Started Natasha's FAB Art, 2008

Studied at Canadian Beauty College, 2011-2012

I started my business is 2008 after being a volunteer face painter for over a decade. I studied make up artistry at Canadian Beauty College in 2011 and 2012 and became a certified Make Up Artist. I am bless with 2 beautiful children and the most important title I carry is mom.

I started with a love of art at a very young age; you could always find me doodling or doing crafts. When I was around 12 I had my first experience face painting for a community park opening. I remember this shy little boy climb onto my chair.. he kept his head down and didn't really want to look at me. His mom smiled and said he wants to be a tiger. I asked him if he wanted a tiger and he just looked at his mom and gave a nod. This was my first tiger face! He sat quietly as I did my best (back then it was simply a few black and orange lines with a black nose and whiskers). As I finished I took the mirror and showed him his face..  I had NEVER seen a smile so big in my life! He put his hands up beside his face like claws and gave the loudest rawr! I had just transformed this shy little boy into a fearless tiger! To this day when a little boy asks for a tiger face paint my heart smiles. That feeling will keep me doing what I love.. transforming kids and seeing that smile!


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